Friday, June 3, 2011

How to change brake light on VW Beetle?

OK i%26#039;ve changed the headlights before but i have never done the brake lights. Has anyone that before that can help me out? If you%26#039;ve ever worked on that Beetle you%26#039;ll know that car has had it%26#039;s problems.|||remove the plastic trim panel on the rear of the trunk to access the taillight housing mounting nut. remove the plastic nut securing the taillight housing. pull the taillight housing out and disconnect the electrical connectors. twist the bulb holders counterclockwise to remove them for bulb replacement. the installation is the reverse of removal. this is the instructions for 1998 and up vw beetle.|||owners manual should say.

there should be some screws that release the brake light assembly. you%26#039;ll have to open the trunk to see the screws. after removing that, just pull out the brake light assembly, pull out bulbs, replace bulbs, put assembly back in, and put screws back.

done.|||We need more information. What year beetle? If its an older air cooled model we need to know what year and which style light you have.

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